Kgokong Hills Game Farm (ST. Ledger dam Melkrivier Limpopo)

Scope of work

We were asked to construct a new dam on the farm. Because of the amount of water that runs thru the farm the whole year long the owner decided to build a dam between two mountains.

The areas were surveyed to establish the most cost effective location for the dam wall. Soil were analysed and all the necessary approvals were obtained. Construction started by clearing the area where the dam base was to be constructed.

The dam base was then excavated until we struck solid rock. The base was filled and compacted in layers with a premix of excavated material and bentonite. Because of the amount of water that was flowing in the river we installed a 315mm PVC pipe that was casted in concrete to ensure that the construction can continue even if it rains.

The rest of the wall was then filled and compacted in layers. A spillway was constructed with natural stone and concrete. An emergency spillway was constructed on the opposite side. The dam was completed before the rain season started.

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